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League of Utah Writers 2018 Writing Contest Results


New Writer: Creative Non-Fiction 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: Making Sense of Mormonism by Brian Perrin 
  • Second Honorable Mention: Another Rule Broken by Jacquelene Rivers 
  • First Honorable Mention: Dog-ma by Colleen Callahan 
  • Third Place: By the Short Hairs by Jelene Kirkland 
  • Second Place Fishing with Heber Stock by Kathy Davidson 
  • First Place: What Are You Living For? by Samantha Thorup 

New Writer: Fiction 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: Erotic Hallucinations by Ramiro Torres
  • Second Honorable Mention: A War to Bring Peace by Krystal Gerber
  • First Honorable Mention: Lester by Patrick Hare
  • Third Place: A Painted Smile by Jonathan Humphries 
  • Second Place: The Maiden's Request by Gregory Lemon
  • First Place: Stumblecookies by Garrett Faulkner

New Writer: First Chapter (Fiction or Non-Fiction) 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: CHARLY&NELLA by Tara Creel
  • Second Honorable Mention: MIDNIGHT by Natalie Evjen
  • First Honorable Mention: The Shadow Master by Justin Cole
  • Third Place: Weight of It All by Paul Warburton
  • Second Place: Quests & Confusion by Jenna Harris
  • First Place: Ruthless by Patrick Hare

New Writer: Poetry 2018
(only three entries no honorable mentions)

  • Third Place: Charge of the Dark Brigade by Zoe Stoffel 
  • Second Place: The Passenger by Lori Reichard
  • First Place: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School February 2018 by Daniel Cureton


Poetry: Encore Poetry (any category) 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: OUT SLIPS MY THUMB by Jef Huntsman
  • Second Honorable Mention: The Tainting of My World by Lorraine Jeffery
  • First Honorable Mention: This Mundane Life by Anna Marasco
  • Third Place: STEPPING INTO LIGHT by Marie Tollstrup
  • Second Place: Rebel by  Anna Marasco
  • First Place: THE REUNION by Jef Huntsman

Poetry: Prose Poem 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: METHOD TO MADNESS by Marie Tollstrup
  • Second Honorable Mention: Norihiko's Bonsai by Jo Harline
  • First Honorable Mention: The Ride Home by C.H. Hung
  • Third Place: ARCHES by Marie Tollstrup 
  • Second Place: RED RIVER CHURCH by Marie Tollstrup 
  • First Place: Scapegoat by Alex Leavens

Poetry: Light Verse (Rhyming, Metrical, and/or Humorous) 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: Raincheck by Jeremy Gohier
  • Second Honorable Mention: Video Game Guy by Cesanne Greathouse
  • First Honorable Mention: The Perfect Pancake by Nathan Wright
  • Third Place: Old Gooselbine's Pumpkin Strudel by Alexis Tate
  • Second Place: Wrangler Jeans by Josie Hulme
  • First Place: Summer Sandcastles by Charlene Harmon

Poetry: Narrative Poetry (Open or Closed Form) 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: ON SEAFORD HEAD by Kevin Shannon
  • Second Honorable Mention: Out of Reach by Alexis Tate
  • First Honorable Mention: WAR'S BEAUTIFUL FACE by Marie Tollstrup
  • Third Place: This by Lorraine Jeffery
  • Second Place: Stepmom by  Felicia Rose
  • First Place: Straining to Hear by Lorraine Jeffery

Poetry: Word Play 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: Traffic Jam by Amy Leskowski 
  • Second Honorable Mention: The 105 by Daniel Cureton
  • First Honorable Mention: Magpies are Bitches by Candie Thomas
  • Third Place: A Body of Work by Denis Feehan 
  • Second Place: Pineapple Rules by Pam Tucker
  • First Place: X-ploring by  Grace Jessen 


Prose: Children's Story 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: As to Plan by Johnny Worthen 
  • Second Honorable Mention: Heroes Inside of Me by Rachael Jessop
  • First Honorable Mention: Just Like Max by Robyn Buttars
  • Third Place: The Elusive Socks by Jo Ann Stringer
  • Second Place: The Day the Spigot Broke by James Crofts 
  • First Place: S Is For Small by Robyn Buttars

Prose: Creative Non-Fiction 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: Switchbacks by Jill Bowers
  • Second Honorable Mention: SWIFT CURRENT by Jef Huntsman
  • First Honorable Mention: Boyfriend by Rena Lesué
  • Third Place: Aura by Dianne Hardy
  • Second Place: Why We Live on a Homestead by Felicia Rose
  • First Place: Klatch by Tim Keller

Prose: Encore Prose (any category) 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: Bubble by Lorraine Jeffery
  • Second Honorable Mention: Tempest by Tim Keller
  • First Honorable Mention: Jamaica Rush by Jef Huntsman
  • Third Place: Matching Baggage by Tim Keller
  • Second Place: Thing That I AM by Paul Warburton
  • First Place: THE SIREN CALL by Marie Tollstrup

Prose: First Chapter (Novel) 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: The Fates of Stars and People by Daniel Martin
  • Second Honorable Mention: Forever, Ethan by Rachel DeFriez 
  • First Honorable Mention: Salt Lake Sorceress by Heidi Voss
  • Third Place: What Comes From Darkness by Amanda Luzzader
  • Second Place: A Killer Frost by Amanda Luzzader
  • First Place: COYOTE SPILL by Jef Huntsman

Prose: First Chapter (Young Adult) 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: The Unenchanted by Emily Wheeler
  • Second Honorable Mention: Felicity by Lynne Allen
  • First Honorable Mention: Paige Sampson: Misfit Rebel by Kathryn Ferriello 
  • Third Place: Grey Matters by Rachel DeFriez 
  • Second Place: SUNK by Maggie Adams 
  • First Place: THE CHIME CHILD by Lisa Taylor 

Prose: Flash Fiction 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: Exhibition by Jeremy Gohier 
  • Second Honorable Mention: Flash Ants by Kathy Davidson 
  • First Honorable Mention: Suburbia by Tim Keller 
  • Third Place: Falling Off My Shoes by David Rodeback 
  • Second Place: Marie by David Rodeback 
  • First Place: No Man's Land by Krystal Gerber 

Prose: General Fiction 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: I Made Muffins by David Rodeback 
  • Second Honorable Mention: SANCTUARY WITHIN by Marie Tollstrup 
  • First Honorable Mention: THE DEATH OF SAMANTHA ROSE by Warren Stucki 
  • Third Place: MASKS by Marie Tollstrup 
  • Second Place: Synthetic Heart by September Roberts 
  • First Place: The Switchboard Operator by Denis Feehan 

Prose: Media Article 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: Faceless But Not Forgotten by Robyn Buttars 
  • Second Honorable Mention: CONFRONTING SUICIDE by Marie Tollstrup 
  • First Honorable Mention: Heels by Felicia Rose 
  • Third Place: "Flaunt It Friday" or "One Woman's Domestic Tale" by Alice Batzel 
  • Second Place: The Hunger, Anthology, Book Review by Daniel Yocom 
  • First Place: Local Governments in Ancient Egypt by Sariah Horowitz 

Prose: Mystery / Thriller 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: New Job by Denise Johnson 
  • Second Honorable Mention: Hunger Moon by Sariah Horowitz 
  • First Honorable Mention: The Model by Neil Dabb 
  • Third Place: A Cup of Hot Chocolate by Lorraine Jeffery 
  • Second Place: Regret by Keri Montgomery 
  • First Place: DISTURBED by Jef Huntsman 

Prose: Speculative Fiction 2018 

  • Third Honorable Mention: Tilting Scales by Richard Timothy 
  • Second Honorable Mention: Breaking Up With an Angel by Heidi Voss
  • First Honorable Mention: City of the Bees by Carol Nicolas 
  • Third Place: A Friend in Need by Caryn Larrinaga 
  • Second Place: Missing Persons by Emily Wheeler 
  • First Place: Life Blossoms by Chris Todd Miller 

Prose: Spiritual Personal Essay 2018

  • Third Honorable Mention: THE TELLING OF THE BEES by Katharine Goodman 
  • Second Honorable Mention: Of Crayons and Angels by Amanda Luzzader 
  • First Honorable Mention: Seek, Find, Be by Julie Walton 
  • Third Place: The Piglet by Felicia Rose 
  • Second Place: The Topsy-Turvey World of Our Inherited Wolf-Stories by Shaunna goldberry 
  • First Place: Within My Glass Box by Joni Haws 

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