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Well, my plan when I got up a few hours ago was to read a chapter, then clean the kitchen, read a chapter, clean the family room, read a chapter, clean the playroom, etc. But two hours later, I'm sitting in my trashed house, and I couldn't put it down. I read it straight through and the kids had to make their own breakfast.
                                                           - Jennifer Moore

By birthright, Rayne Maellor is a noble. By choice, he is an outcast—having done all he can to extract himself from the indulgences of the aristocracy and their petty House skirmishes. Most of his twenty-eight years have been consumed by war, usually in fealty to the king. He longs for a more simple existence but his purpose in life is anything but simple. Rayne harbors a power linked directly to the soul of the Earth, one that informs and heals him. When the throne is vacated and an evil duke rises to power, Rayne takes up arms and forms a rebellion. He will fight for his family, the families of those the duke has hurt, and the land he calls home. 

Rayne and his aristocratic father-in-law Stellan, head of House Aerlect, have never seen eye-to-eye. In the midst of his militia’s preparations, and with his wife, Aebigal, nine months pregnant, Rayne receives a death-bed prophecy from Stellan that will force him to confront bounty hunters, dark magic, and Mætok, a vindictive daemon. Rayne will have to rely upon the Earth's power in a way he has never done before, and something more, to protect his lands and the ones he loves.

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