Monday, December 5, 2011

Texting Through Time

What I'm reading: Texting Through Time by Christy Monson.

Today, I have the pleasure of taking part in a blog tour on behalf of Christy Monson and her book, Texting Through Time.

Texting Through Time is a middle-grade novel that follows the adventures of Micah and Alicia as they travel through time thanks to a smart phone prototype developed by their dad. 

The phone allows them to go back in time where they meet LDS prophet Brigham Young. They first meet him at his boyhood home then jump to later events in his life. 

This is not just an adventure story. The phone also presents challenges for Micah and Alicia to accomplish. Through these challenges, the kids learn lessons on faith, courage, charity, and a host of other desirable characteristics. The phone does not let them return home until they figure out a puzzle built on the challenges. 

Brigham Young led the Mormon pioneers west to settle in the Salt Lake valley. Because of this, some of his exploits are well known, especially later in his life, but Christy goes deeper. She has done extensive research and introduces us to little known gems from the prophet's life.

What's so unique about these stories is we are introduced to not only Brigham the prophet, but Brigham the man. We see his personality through the struggles and achievements in his life, both religious and secular. Again, it's geared toward middle-grade readers, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot.

I could easily see this as the first book in a series of time traveling stories to the lives of other prophets.

~ * ~

In addition to this well told story, it includes some fabulous illustrations, by Rose Ledezma. These images really bring the stories to life. There are large, medium, and small pictures, some just tucked away in the corner of the page but they give additional depth to the work.

With her permission, I've included a few of my favorites:

Brigham Young covering his beard.

Micah, Alicia, and Brigham meet the Prophet Joseph Smith

Alicia learns to harvest syrup.

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