Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Practical Prepper by Kylene and Jonathan Jones

Perhaps you've heard of the Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel? The folks who "are preparing for the end of the world . . . and are testing the limits of ingenuity as they develop extreme doomsday survival machines, high-tech shelters, and specialized escape routes."

Well, these guys ain't them. Kylene and Jonathan Jones have written a prepper's guide for the common man. I'm not going to dig a shelter in my back yard, arm it with booby traps, and have a cache of weapons in the forest. BUT, survival kit? Yeah, I could do that. Water storage? Don't look to FEMA. Superdome anyone? Emergency heating? Oh yeah, bad stuff can happen in the winter time too.

I give you:

The Practical Prepper: A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies by Kylene and Jonathan Jones

Available on Kindle or paperback: 368 pages
Genre: Nonfiction/Emergency Preparedness
With all the information out there about emergency and disaster preparedness, you might feel overwhelmed. If you're thinking, "I wouldn't know where to start," well, you're in luck:

The Practical Prepper: Chapter 1: Where Do I Begin?

The lines defining many traditional gender expectations are blurred and even transparent. My family and I pretty much make our own rules, but at the end of the day, if something were to happen and we had to live out of tent, I think my family would first look to me, the dad, and say, "Now what do we do?" Never would my instinct to provide for my family be stronger than in that moment.

I speak three languages but I'm not particularly fluent in this subject, which is why I was so pleased by this book. It's not a rote agenda of must have's and must do's (although I think you'd be wise to pay attention). Kylene and Jonathan take a practical approach to prepping. Whether you're just starting out and want to make a few changes or you've been-there-and-done-that, you'll find something in The Practical Prepper that you didn't know before (at least I did). The book starts with the basics and simple things you can do to start preparing yourself, then goes into greater detail about extended or severe events.

They understand that not one method will fit everybody and so they've crafted their advice to be both general and specific. You can take what you need and apply it to your circumstance. If you need more, they've got sections that cite additional resources.

If we're honest with ourselves we'll admit that it's not a matter of if, but when and to what degree.

You don't need one of these:

                                                                                                        Just get the book!

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