Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to Build a Novel Out of Snow

What I'm reading right now: I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

That's right. It's finally here. It's been available for a couple of years (maybe even three) in Europe. I've recently heard Dan speak at a couple of venues, one of which he mentioned that Serial Killer is in its fifth printing in Germany. When I say that I'm reading it, I just picked it up today (it was released yesterday, March 30th.)

I don't have anything to say about it other than it's had some terrific and unique reviews. I'll keep you posted.

~ * ~

On to the pulp of this post, How to Build a Novel Out of Snow. There is a popular website/blog out there called Advanced Fiction Writing. Popular for good reason, plenty of stellar stuff there. In fact, it was recently mentioned on a blog I link to on this page, There Are No Rules.

It's run by a bloke (bloke is my word, he's not English) by the name of Randy Ingermanson. He's published a few novels as well as recently released Writing Fiction for Dummies. Randy has created a software program called Snowflake Pro. It takes you through the process of outlining your novel, creating characters, and even composes your pitch.

This is the welcome page. You can see the tabs across the top which guide you through the process of refining your idea, helping you set up the bones of your story so you when you're finished, all you have to do is flesh it out, so to speak (which still leaves plenty of room for improvisation as your muse directs--hey, Martin Short and Arnold Schwarzenegger both have a skeleton of 206 bones. You get my point.)


For a complete overview of what the program does, click here. At the bottom of that page, there's also an offer for 50% off the cost, which carries a pretty reasonable price tag to begin with.

I bought it and I'm going to try it out. I've been working in my comfort zone for awhile now (which is the zone of the short story) but I'm anxious and eager to have a full-length novel under my belt. I let you know how it goes.


Sabine Berlin said...

Hope it works out for you. Let me know. Can't wait for that novel, you know you have a reader if you need one!

Chris Todd Miller said...

Thanks Sabine. I'm lucky to have such a good writer friend as you.

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